Wendy's Strawberry Frosty Is Returning

You may think of Wendy's Frosty when you think of Wendy's. Over 50 years ago, the fast food chain's popular frozen treat started cooling customers. Wendy's brought back the strawberry Frosty this week, just like it did in 2022.

The vanilla Frosty will be replaced for now by the new berry taste, which is made with "sweet and real strawberry puree," according to the VP of culinary innovation at Wendy's.

The brand didn't start adding more Frosty flavors until 2006, when vanilla came out. Last year's summery strawberry mix was so popular that Wendy's might make it a regular dessert option, making the Frosty lineup look like Neapolitan ice cream with its three flavors.

Wendy's limited-edition strawberry Frosty isn't the only new thing. The other thing that the chain sells is something that hot eaters like.

Wendy's has a few very hot things, like the strawberry Frosty. If you haven't worked up a sweat yet, get the Ghost Pepper Ranch Chicken Sandwich with Ghost Pepper fries.

The ghost pepper ranch sauce and American cheese on the sandwich go with the spicy chicken meat. Even the fresh onions are salted.

If you want to dip Wendy's, for fries in a Frosty, the new strawberry flavor may help get rid of the spicy taste. Hot and cold, spicy and sweet. Thanks to your taste buds.

If Wendy's strawberry Frosty grows your favorite, you can make your own at home. If you replace the chocolate with pureed strawberries, you can enjoy it even after summer is over.

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