Wendy's New Underground Delivery

Wendy's has announced a partnership with Pipedream, a hyper logistics firm that creates autonomous underground delivery systems, to bring mobile orders right to your vehicle window via a sophisticated system of robots and underground tunnels.

The I, Robot-like statement comes only a week after Wendy's announced a partnership with Google to develop an AI system for drive-thru orders.

Using Pipedream's technology, Wendy's Frosties and Buccinator's will be delivered from the kitchen to "Instant Pickup Portals" in the parking lots in seconds.

Wendy's is the first fast food establishment to utilize this technology, which could improve food pickup times.

For years, mobile ordering has been on the rise. Since numerous regions prohibited face-to-face interaction during the outbreak,

several restaurants have witnessed a significant spike in smartphone orders. According to Wendy's, smartphone ordering accounts for 11% of their total sales.

However, although Wendy's and other businesses benefit from the increased customer growth caused by smartphone ordering, visitors have had to wait longer. 

Wendy's senior vice president and global chief technology officer anticipates that the partnership with Pipedream would lessen headaches.

We're thrilled to be the first quick-service restaurant to collaborate with Pipedream to reimagine digital pick-ups in order to provide more Wendy's to more customers as mobile ordering preferences grow.

According to a Wendy's spokeswoman, the new technology will be unveiled in the second half of the year.

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