Wendy's Food Challenge McDonald's New Classic

Despite having bacon, the BLT, as it's called, isn't commonly eaten for breakfast. Wendy's exclusively offers an Egg BLT in Canada, where lettuce and tomato are more frequent on breakfast sandwiches.

The new Egg BLT is a fluffy croissant with a freshly cracked Canadian egg, melty cheese, Applewood smoky bacon, and greenhouse-grown lettuce and tomato.

Wendy's Egg BLT, which costs $3.70 American, is offered at participating Wendy's Canada stores for a limited time. 500 calories, 31 grams fat.

Home market. Wendy's breakfast brand grows. The restaurant has promoted its fresh-cracked eggs (a jab at McDonald's) and tried various specials to boost morning sales.

CEO reported good fourth-quarter statistics.

"We continue to drive momentum in our U.S. breakfast company, which grew versus the third quarter, and crested at over $3,000 per restaurant per week in Q4," CEO stated.

"This growth was driven by the ongoing popularity of our first major breakfast menu creativity, French toast sticks, and our traffic-driving $3 croissant promotion."

Canada, which recently offered breakfast nationwide, is also selling more.

In Canada, our largest overseas market, we expanded dollar and traffic share faster than other QSR burger competitors in the fourth quarter and previous three years.

Our breakfast launch, marketing calendar, and digital acceleration drove this remarkable success.

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