Wendy's Chili is Now Available In A Can

Wendy's homestyle chili is now available to prepare at home. Conagra Brands will distribute the canned chili throughout the United States.

Since 1969, Wendy's has offered chili. Wendy's chili is cooked in a tomato-based sauce with fresh, all-natural ("minimally processed" with "no artificial ingredients")

beef, peppers, chili beans, and spices. The protein content of the supermarket version is 29 grams per can.

Wendy's global chief marketing officer stated that the company was pleased to collaborate with Conagra to bring the popular menu item into people's homes.

"When the Wendy's chili craving hits, you now have two delicious ways to get your fix - at retail stores or in our restaurants," he says in a news release.

"We worked closely with Wendy's culinary team to ensure we brought through the indulgent flavors and

flavorful components of the Chili that has been a long-time staple on Wendy's menu," stated Conagra Brands' chili brand leader.

Wendy's Chili with Beans is $4.99 a can this spring in grocery stores, mass retailers, and select online vendors. They require a Frosty.

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