Starbucks May Start Charging for "No Ice"

Due to unfavorable moves, Starbucks has lost many consumers in the past several years. The coffee chain has been criticized for raising menu prices, discontinuing the popular raspberry syrup,

releasing a line of olive oil-infused coffees that sent some customers to the bathroom, and changing its rewards program so guests must spend more to earn freebies.

As speculations circulate that the firm would charge for several basic drink modifications, the corporation is facing additional anticipatory reaction.

This month, several baristas and TikTokers claimed that Starbucks will charge extra for Refresher beverages without ice, light ice, or water.

Starbucks' Refreshers are fruity drinks produced by blending a flavorful base with water or lemonade or coconut milk. Mixed beverages are served with ice and freeze-dried fruit.

Customers can select no or light ice to provide more room for their drinks. For more Refresher base, they might request no water.

These are excellent choices for consumers who have sensitivity to cold beverages or want more bang for their money and a more concentrated flavor, but the business apparently wants guests to pay for them.

Last week, a barista revealed on TikTok that Starbucks will charge for Refresher modifications starting May 9 in a video with 4.6 million views.

Another TikToker noted the $1 upcharges for no ice, light ice, and no water earlier this month. The TikToker also posted a Starbucks document about Refresher costs.

Starbucks benefits greatly from charging $1 for a personalized Refresher. Starbucks claims drink "modifiers" like additional syrup and sauce pumps generate $1 billion yearly.

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