Starbucks May Have Now Perfected Cold Foam

Starbucks' cold foam was a novelty at first—a lower-calorie whipped cream that went well with its cold brew coffee. It was more like sundae sprinkles than a drink.

The business has released many cold foam flavors, but none have broken the mold of the foam being part of the drink like a cocktail's ingredients. Starbucks White Chocolate Macadamia Cream Cold Brew altered that.

The chain's cold brew coffee with macadamia syrup is topped with white chocolate macadamia cream cold foam and toasted cookie crumbles.

The flavor blend and cold brew make it taste better than white chocolate or macadamia nuts alone. Most Starbucks cold foam tastes are greatest when you lick the pure foam off the cap.

The coffee company has invented a totally integrated beverage where the coffee and foam mingle for a flawless sip and the balance lasts till the last drop.

I tried the Chocolate Java Mint Frappuccino because I loved chocolate and mint. The latest frappe offers a luscious milkshake taste with a refreshing mint flavor.

While I didn't instantly think of mint chocolate chip ice cream, the drink was delicious and summery (therefore lighter). 

I enjoyed the cookie pieces that stayed intact in the blended beverage. Its flavor and texture made it fun to consume.

This isn't an experiment or "so weird you gotta try it" gimmick like the olive-oil-infused coffee unveiled earlier this spring. You can get it sans whipped cream if you choose.

I've talked about my dislike of coffee in Starbucks' seasonal drink reviews. As coffee-flavored desserts go, this is the best.

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