Starbucks Is Testing a New Special Ice

If we told you Starbucks started testing a hyped product, you may imagine a new Frappuccino or cold brew. you're incorrect. It's ice, not a drink.

For weeks, social media has spread reports that Starbucks is testing nugget-shaped ice cubes. This week, a Starbucks employee posted a photo of a large tank of nugget ice on Reddit, indicating their location was one of three serving it. TikTok hosts the claims.

Some customers don't care about ice innovation, while others think it's crucial to a drink's form and feel. Ice enthusiasts have a preference for nugget ice, or the "good ice," as some call it.

Nugget ice differs from ice cubes in size and texture. Pressed ice flakes make the little, cylindrical pellets softer and easier to chew than ice machine cubes.

Sonic, another major restaurant chain, uses crunchy ice pellets instead of cubes.

Starbucks' nugget ice testing are unconfirmed, but many customers were excited by the move.

"I will go to Starbucks just for this ice," a consumer said in a Reddit discussion about the nugget ice. Another admirer that Starbucks "bag it and sell it as snacks."

Others weren't convinced that Starbucks' drinks would benefit with nugget ice. "I love that ice but it ruins coffee..." melts rapidly and dilutes the liquid," a consumer commented.

If accurate, this ice move would be Starbucks' second big shift this week. The coffee chain recently confirmed that it is charging $1 more for Refreshers beverages with the "no water" customization, which has divided fans.

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