Snack You Should Eat Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You need a spicy snack like Flamin' Hot Doritos. They're the perfect pick-me-up after a night out.

Aries: Flamin' Hot Doritos

Your opulent taste and culinary abilities make you a picky snacker. But a treat that brings back simpler times is always good. Frosted animal crackers provide nostalgia and sweets.

Taurus: Frosted Animal Crackers

It's common to socialize. You need a food that everyone can enjoy while you talk. That makes white cheddar popcorn ideal for you and your closest friends.

Gemini: White Cheddar Popcorn

Why not try Rice Krispies Treats for a mood-lifting snack? These ooey–gooey treats take a few minutes to make (or purchase pre-made, we won't tell!), but they're worth it.

Cancer: Rice Krispies Treats

You want to impress, so you need a snack meal that contains a little bit of everything yet is still a crowd-pleaser. A huge bowl of Chex Mix during your next party will make you the party's star.

Leo: Chex Mix

Therefore, it takes a lot to please your perfectionist side, so when you're hungry, turn to nature's best snack food. Sunflower seeds are crisp, salty, and portable—perfect snacks.

Virgo: Sunflower Seeds

Libras like harmony and balance, so your snack will be great. Salty, sweet chocolate-covered pretzels satisfy. What's more?

Libra: Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

People like your boldness and enthusiasm when you display your colorful side. Thus, the best snack will have this hidden depth. With enough spiciness, chips and salsa are a taste explosion.

Scorpio: Chips and Salsa

If you want to reward yourself, why not try a cheese and crackers board? For color, add pieces of your favorite fruit.

Sagittarius: Cheese and Crackers

You'll want a typical snack while you relax, but it doesn't have to be bland. Hummus offers the right flavor for pita chips or vegetables.

Capricorn: Hummus

You need unique snacks since you're always changing things up. With so many unique flavors, Oreo cookies never grow old.

Aquarius: Oreos

Pisces are zodiac dreamers. Pringles are the perfect snack to share with friends, with hundreds of varieties to fit your mood.

Pisces: Pringles

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