Shake Shack's New Veggie Burger Beat the Shroom Burger

Shake Shack dominates fast-food dining. With Christmas milkshakes and Korean-inspired products, it innovates. The portobello mushroom 'Shroom burger has survived the brand's growth.

The most prominent meat-free option on the menu, it generated quite a sensation. This portobello patty is no longer Shake Shack's lone veggie burger.

Shake Shack introduced the Veggie Shack burger. Its patty has many vegetables and grains. The sandwich has crispy onions, American cheese, ShackSauce, pickles, and a patty with mushrooms, sweet potato, quinoa, carrots, and farro.

Shake Shack said consumers requested this new veggie burger, which will be released Friday, May 5. Shack App users can experience it on May 2. Will Shake Shack fans ditch the Shroom burger for this new meat-free option, or will it depend on preference?

Shack's announcement was discussed on Twitter. One user tweeted, "Now make it with cheese that's vegan and make it all vegan."

his new burger was released alongside two milk-free desserts, a Non-Dairy Frozen Custard and a Non-Dairy Chocolate Shake. Both products use plant based NotMilk.

Burgers thrilled some more. "...I hope this stays on the will mean I get to eat at Shake Shack more," one person remarked. "Need new shakes ASAP." 4 months." Patience and quick food don't mix.

Fast food restaurants have long tried to accommodate dietary constraints. These chains might make millions since 10% of Americans over 18 don't eat meat. Burger King and White Castle have offered meat-free burgers for years.

They employ Impossible Foods patties instead of Shake Shack's vegetarian patties. Whether this new Veggie Shack will reign supreme or fall behind rival meat-free burgers remains to be seen.

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