Popeyes Just Brings Back Its Super Spicy Menu Favorite

Popeye's offers spicy chicken and flounder fish sandwiches for spice lovers. The chain's ghost pepper chicken wings, which aren't on the menu, have the most Scovilles.

In 2014, these scorching bites debuted, and the wings returned for the following year. Heat-seekers rejoice: ghost pepper wings are back. Ghost peppers marinate the chicken for 12 hours. Hand-breaded and fried chicken follows marinating.

Ghost peppers are more hotter than jalapenos. Ghost peppers are 100 times hotter than jalapenos. Thus, ghost pepper wings are hot.

Buttermilk ranch cools each batch of wings. The price hasn't changed, so spice aficionados may rejoice. $4.99 plus VAT for six wings.

Popeye's announced the ghost pepper wings' comeback on Twitter, and responses rushed in. Popeye tweeted, "You asked. We delivered. Ghost Pepper Wings Return! Smooth jazz" Most responses thanked the chain for restoring the wings.

One wrote, "...MAKE THEM PERMANENT!...I went back to get them again and Popeyes sold out." Popeyes' web menu lists the wings, but it doesn't say how long they'll be available.

Popeye's will release a summer-themed drink and hot wings. Mango-flavored Minute Maid lemonade will be sold by the chain.

The drink can be served over ice or as a slushy during warmer months. Popeye's desserts compliment every meal.

The business will also give customers a free slice of apple pie on their next trip with a gift to the Popeye's Foundation through June 4.

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