Nail Polish Color You Should Wear Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries are daring leaders who explore new styles and colors. Since you're always on the run, a simple but classic style that makes a statement is excellent.

Aries: Ruby Red

Tauruses are faithful. You prefer traditional, timeless items.

Taurus: Classic French Manicure

Geminis are adaptable. You love treating yourself, but you have trouble choosing. So choose a versatile nail polish hue.

Gemini: Rainbow

Cancer demands a fashionable, easy-to-maintain look for their constant caregiving. A refined opalescent pearl reflects your calm and tranquil energy and is a sweet throwback.

Cancer: Opalescent Pearl

You require a bold nail polish like the zodiac's extrovert. As a Sun sign, you prefer warm colors.

Leo: Bright Orange

Virgos are direct. You never stop and won't for anyone. As the zodiac's perfectionist, you require a good-looking, long-lasting manicure.

Virgo: Blush Pink

Lavender is a romantic take on pink and crimson. This light purple shade adds color and comfort.

Libra: Lavender

Scorpios prefer dark, melancholy styles. You're used to the dark side since Pluto rules your zodiac sign.

Scorpio: Black Stiletto

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, makes you daring. Sagittarius, the zodiac's wanderer, can rock a bohemian style that seems like you haven't visited a salon in weeks but yet looks great.

Sagittarius: Neon

Capricorns like professional but fun and fashionable. As a sign that always makes huge plans and even bigger money moves, you need a nail polish style that says business.

Capricorn: Sage Green

Any unconventional manicure suits your rebellious nature. Aquarius energy can pull off any style—bold color, quirky print, or something completely distinctive.

Aquarius: Animal Print

Pisces, the zodiac's dreamer, doesn't take style too seriously. You need a nail polish hue that matches your whimsical, appealing personality.

Pisces: Florals

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