McDonald's Newest Burgers Have One Major Flaw

The fast-food chain brought back its Spicy Chicken McNuggets, announced that it will sell its Big Mac sauce in dip cups, and, most crucially, upgraded its famous burgers in the last week.

Big Macs get softer baked buns, extra special sauce, and properly melted cheese. However, frying onions directly on McDonald's burger patties seems to be giving customers an unpleasant taste.

McDonald's claims that adding white onions to their burger patties would give them a "juicier, caramelised flavor," but customers that don't like onions are furious that certain burgers will now come with them. 

"Onions make me gag. One Reddit user said, "McDonald's will be dead for myself if they make this change where I am."

The improved McDonald's burgers are grilled with diced onions on top, not in the patties. McDonald's isn't the first fast-food chain to do this. White Castle cooks their slider patties atop a bed of chopped onions for flavor.

Still, onion allergy sufferers are worried about McDonald's burger improvement. Some consumers advised ordering burgers sans onions, however this did not resolve the issues.

One fan requested McDonald's on Twitter whether it would clean and sanitize grills before cooking burger patties without onions for allergy sufferers.

Some say they're already accepting that the move may prevent them from eating at McDonald's for health reasons.

I'm allergic to onions. I become sick in 15–20 minutes. "When I heard about McDonald's new recipe, I thought I wouldn't be able to eat burgers there," a consumer tweeted.

Some West Coast areas are already offering the upgraded burgers, but the firm wants to convert all US stores by 2024. Only the Big Mac, McDouble, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, and hamburger will change.

McDonald's has revived the Hamburglar mascot for "old burger-snatching tricks" in new advertisements to promote the changes.

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