McDonald's Brings Back A Long-Awaited Menu Item

McDonald's will pamper fans this summer. McDonald's Oreo Frappe returns after eight years. The McCafe Oreo Frappe debuted in 2015 as a limited-time offering. 

The chain's return took almost a decade. The revamped frappe returns in May. In some locations, the iced mocha will be served with an Oreo cookie and a blue spoon for scooping.

McCafe's caramel and mocha frappes will be joined by the Oreo frappe. Customers have tried to make the Oreo Frappe at the drive-thru even though it's not on the menu.

A 2022 TikTok video explained how to hack the menu to make an Oreo frappe. Oreos were combined into mocha frappes. One McDonald's employee wrote, "I work in McDonald's & a lot of customers order this, still haven't tried it yet."

While we in the U.S. have been waiting years for the Oreo Frappe's return, international McDonald's have their own versions that have been menu staples.

Japanese Choco Oreo Frappe has crushed Oreo cookies, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. Austria's Oreo Frappe uses vanilla frappe, chocolate biscuits, and crushed Oreos.

The returning Oreo Frappe will utilize mocha with cookies & cream syrup for more cookie taste.

The U.S. was late to develop and release the Oreo frappe, but other distinctive frappes are yet to arrive. Japanese frappes came with macarons.

Singapore offers green and Himalayan tea. The U.S. McDonald's may follow its overseas counterparts and offer more distinctive things.

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