McDonald's Adds A Burger King Side Dish With A Catch

Before the Chicken McNugget, McDonald's tried Onion Nuggets. In 1978 and 1979, the restaurant debuted the onion-filled nugget.

The recipe was invented by McDonald's first executive chef to compliment the chain's famous burgers and fries.

After cooking for Queen Elizabeth II, he invented the McRib. The Onion Nugget was a chance squandered.

Despite the failure of Onion Nuggets, McDonald's distributes onion rings in other countries.

The eatery has brought the famed side dish to the United States in a single location, which appears to be a modest step.

"The 'McDonald's Offices' restaurant in Chicago offers a rotating menu of international offerings and has just added onion rings which are currently available in Australia," the famous Instagram feed wrote.

The fast-food chain's test restaurant serves out worldwide favorites on a regular basis. This has never suggested that the company is considering selling anything in its own country.

Onion rings are simple to create, but the supply chain is problematic. Everything at McDonald's is fried in specialized fryers. The chicken nuggets and filet mignon are cooked separately. French fryers are only used to make hash browns.

Onion rings would most likely be cooked in the same fryer as the Filet O' Fish, presenting allergy and taste concerns.

Onion rings would be popular on the McDonald's menu in the United States, however changing the oil between products is impracticable.

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