Food Network Star Molly Yeh Reveals Her Go-To Grocery Store

Food Network star Molly Yeh loves food shopping and where she gets it. "I love grocery stores and groceries," the happy host of "Girl Meets Farm"

Yeh opened Bernie's in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, where she lives with her family. Whole Foods and Trader Joe's are miles distant. Yeh's favorite grocery store may be unfamiliar to Midwestern residents.

"We have this awesome local grocery store called Hugo's," Yeh adds of Hugo's Family Marketplace, which has around a dozen outlets in Minnesota and North Dakota.

Target is one of Yeh's other favorite neighborhood grocery stores. Target is a national chain that Midwesterners enjoy. Yeh calls the retailer "the best."

She continues: ""I had a classic Target excursion last week where I went in for one thing and walked out with like six claw clips and 20 other stuff I didn't go in for."

Her latest project is an allergy-friendly recipe collection created in collaboration with Madegood, a snack brand that specializes in organic, vegan, gluten-free, and allergen-free foods.

Yeh's Madegood recipe collection is also allergen-free. It includes 10 recipes, from main courses like Sloppy Joe Pitas to desserts like Sprinkle Ice Cream Pie.

"I've been cooking without peanuts for decades because my mom is allergic," she explains. It was mostly automatic. It was inspiring and creatively fulfilling."

Yeh adds all the recipes are easy and excellent for entertaining. Their lack of allergens is a bonus.

"I had a blast to make this collection since I am all about inclusivity, making everyone feel welcome at the table for dinner and including them in whatever I'm cooking, not serving anything that they can't eat," she explains.

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