Dunkin' Just Launched A Butter Pecan Donut

Dunkin' has satisfied fans' butter pecan cravings. Butter pecan coffee now comes with doughnuts.

Dunkin's April 26 news release unveiled the donut's early summer menu. Butter pecan-flavored crème fills the soft yeasted doughnut. Vanilla frosting and crispy butterscotch topping finish it.

Is it tasty? Munch With Des tried filled doughnuts despite not like them. She tasted butter pecan in the filling but vanilla in the donut.

On its 10-year anniversary, Dunkin' has introduced new and returning summer menu items.

The new turtle signature latte has butter pecan, mocha, caramel drizzle, and chocolate caramel crumbles over whipped cream.

The new butter pecan crunch frozen coffee combines frozen butter pecan iced coffee and tops it like the turtle drink. Meagan Gill says the frozen butter pecan coffee is delicious.

Dunkin' has revived the mango pineapple refresher and launched a raspberry watermelon refresher, which Timmy of Timmy's Takeout claimed tasted like melting watermelon candy.

Dunkin' now offers a ham and Swiss filled croissant and iced lemon loaf in addition to the butter pecan doughnut.

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