Costco Just Launched Two New Bakery Items

Costco released two more bakery items just weeks after introducing its Lemon Blueberry Loaf. Instagram's @costcohotfinds discovered two new bakery delicacies this weekend, and shoppers are excited.

Costco's 24-count Confetti Cookies are the first new delight. "Soft, buttery, and filled with sprinkles and white chocolate chips," the Instagrammer described these $9.99 treats.

In nearly 240 comments, Costco consumers enthused about the new cookies, saying they "can't stop eating them."

The warehouse cookies resembled Milk Bar's Confetti Cookies. Reddit users said they "taste just like birthday cake batter."

One Reddit member, who termed the Confetti Cookies "incredible," noted that local Costco "said they would only be around for a month or so." User didn't reveal store location.

The Four Berry Pie—with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and cranberries—is Costco's second new dessert.

The nearly five-pound pie costs $19.99. Instagram commenters wanted the pie. "It's AMAZING!!!! WORTH IT!!!" remarked one taster.

"Update: it was excellent (especially with vanilla ice cream)," said a New Jersey shopper. My house loved it. The filling had no body, making it sloppy. Messy doesn't affect taste, so it's fine."

Some customers were surprised by the pie's price, but others justified it by pointing out its large size and berry prices. Like the Confetti Cookies, Costco's pie's lifespan is unknown.

Customers love Costco's Four Berry Pie and other new pies. In March, @costcohotfinds called Costco's Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie "dangerously delicious."

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