Costco Is Recalling Kirkland Product Due To Mold

With 840 sites and 119 million members, Costco is the leader in the warehouse club business. The business gives a one-stop shop with a wide range of bulk goods for an annual membership fee.

Kirkland Signature is the "generic" name of Costco. It sells food, clothes, and other things. Costco is represented by Kirkland. "It means Costco," said the head of the Retail Brands Institute.

Kirkland's organic hummus is one of the best brands at food stores. The company just told customers that one of their colored hummuses will be taken off the shelves because of a problem with the topping.

Kirkland Signature Pine Nut Hummus is being taken off the shelves at Costco because the topping has mold.

The problem product says "Best Before Nov. 26" on top and was sold between September 21 and October 18.

Send the affected items back to Costco to get a full return.

Quality control at Cedar's Mediterranean Foods, can be reached by phone (978-372-8010 Ext. 2221) or email ( between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST.

This story shows that even Costco may need to return food to make sure it is safe, which is scary.

This month, ALDI, a big store chain, pulled two falafel items because they might have E. coli.

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