Costco Is Finally Bringing Back Its Chopped Onions

Costco is well known for its food court rather than its bulk options. Costco's food court offers churros, large pizza slices, hot dogs, and ice cream sundaes.

Customer-favorite Costco's $1.50 hot dog and Coke combination is inexpensive. Costco is reintroducing chopped onions for hog dogs, delighting aficionados.

According to an April 30 Reddit post, a Pacific Northwest Costco document says sliced onions will return in individual cups.

Before Costco eliminated them, consumers could top their hog dogs with chopped onions and sauerkraut at a condiment station. Costco stated "diced onions are returning soon."

Costco consumers praised the news on social media. "Today is perfect. "Not sure anything could top that," one tweeted.

Diced onions' reappearance was praised on Reddit. "Our long national nightmare is over," one person said.

Sauerkraut was requested by comments. Reddit onion lovers lamented the departure of Costco's food courts' hand-cranked onion and sauerkraut machines and asked why they weren't reinstalled.

The shop eliminated topping stations from their food courts during the COVID-19 epidemic.

The reintroduction of the chopped onions is also promoting other defunct Costco food court items, such as the combo pizza pieces, which were akin to "supreme" pizza at other restaurants.

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