Costco Is Bringing Back A Fan-Favorite Food Court Item

Costco's food court is motivation enough to visit the shop, aside from the fantastic bargains on snacks, kitchen equipment, and booze.

Whether you want a big slice of pizza, a hot dog, or a churro, one favorite ingredient has finally returned: sliced onions.

Customers have begun noticing the recently discontinued hot dog topping at their local Costcos after years of attempting to bring it back.

They also quoted a Reddit user who published a photo of a notice stating that chopped onions will be given in individual cups to members upon request.

Why are onions used? They're the ideal accompaniment to that renowned $1.50 hot dog and drink combination.

The unofficial Costco queen came to TikTok to celebrate the news...and even had her own hot dog.

Who's up for a Costco run now? In addition to a hot dog and a beverage, we've selected the greatest hidden Costco goods and Costco specials for you to add to your cart.

What are some of the Costco goods you wish were still available?

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