Coca-Cola Is Completely Changing Its Beloved Soda

Coca-Cola's creative team launches new products to meet the world's shifting tastes and reinvents old favorites.

Following this trend, the beverage firm recently announced major adjustments to its second-largest brand to chill customers in many ways for summer.

Coca-Cola's 'Heat Happens' campaign includes a new Sprite logo and packaging in supermarket and convenience shops, but the brand's trademark green hue will stay.

Sprite's first worldwide promotion. North America, Greater China, India, Africa, Europe, A-South Pacific, Korea, the Middle East, and Latin America will have a consistent brand message and experience.

The innovative marketing strategy centers around 'heat' and conflict being prevalent in daily life. Initial video ads show thoughts and situations raising quickly and offer Sprite to calm down.

"'Heat Comes' shows that sane people always prevail," says Sprite's Global Brand Director.

Our hectic daily schedules have us continuously seeking for methods to stay cool, whether it's mental heat from interruptions or physical heat from a sweaty drive.

We feel that adding a human element, a dash of comedy, and a glass of ice-cold Sprite might help alleviate potentially upsetting circumstances."

Sprite is targeting younger audiences with relevant content and influencer involvement and internet activation. Coca-Cola's first project with advertising partner Ogilvy and its Open X team.

In September 2021, Coca-Cola launched 'Real Magic', a similar Sprite update. The campaign rebranded Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light/Diet Coke, and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and stressed the wonder of daily moments and the significance of coming together.

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