Celebrity Love Match For Your Zodiac Sign

Aries Soulmate: Lady Gaga

Gaga's tenacity and drive earned her an Oscar for her performance in A Star Is Born.

Taurus Soulmate: Robert Pattinson

He's funny, cheerful, and loyal. He'll get you because he's quirky and down-to-earth.

Gemini Soulmate: Miley Cyrus

Like you, Cyrus is pleasant and gregarious. She loves gossip like you do, so you may talk about The Bachelor or celebrities.

Cancer Soulmate: Dev Patel

A night in with your best buddies is your favorite. Like you, Dev Patel keeps his group small. He'll listen when you need to cry or vent.

Leo Soulmate: Kim Kardashian

Libras like Kim Kardashian are calm, impartial, and kind, making them great celebrity partners. She'll entertain and ground you.

Virgo Soulmate: Keanu Reeves

Virgos like mature, considerate partners. Keanu Reeves, a grounded Virgo, is a good fit.

Libra Soulmate: Taylor Swift

She can match your inventiveness and intelligence, and she'll take you on a last-minute trip or stay up late chatting about life.

Scorpio Soulmate: Ryan Reynolds

Scorpio, you're tough but tender. Water signs hide their feelings, so it's hard to convince them to open up.

Sagittarius Soulmate: Stevie Nicks

You and Stevie Nicks would be perfect zodiac soulmates. Geminis like Nicks have busy minds and don't mind making a mark.

Capricorn Soulmate: Drew Barrymore

Pisces also know about overachieving. This sign always dreams of making the impossible possible. Despite your differences, Barrymore and you share goals.

Aquarius Soulmate: Doja Cat

She's constantly ahead of the curve since she's not scared to experiment to make amazing art. You're an unstoppable duo that will change things.

Pisces Soulmate: Rihanna

She's enthusiastic and vocal. She knows right from wrong, which is how you live.

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