Canned Wendy’s Chili To Hit Grocery Store Shelves This Spring

Next time you want Wendy's famous home-style chili, you don't have to get in your car to get it. Instead, you can just open your cupboard.

Wendy's Chili with Beans will soon be sold in grocery stores across the U.S. for $4.99 per can, which is the recommended selling price.

"We are thrilled to work with Wendy's and bring a fan favorite to homes across the country," said the brand, prepared chili business lead at Conagra Brands, the food company that worked with the popular restaurant to make it happen.

"We worked closely with Wendy's chefs to make sure we captured the rich flavors and tasty ingredients of their Chili, which has been on the menu for a long time."

The chili that comes in a can has 29 grams of protein and is made of beef, peppers, beans, and a tomato-based sauce.

"Wendy's Chili has been a popular menu item since we opened in 1969," The Wendy's Company's Global Chief Marketing Officer said in a press statement.

"If you want some Wendy's chili, you can now get it at retail stores or in our restaurants. Both are delicious." 

The chain's website says that Wendy's started selling chili to use up extra hamburger meat and reduce waste.

Wendy's is in the chili area of grocery stores, big box shops, and some online stores. It should be on sale by the end of spring.

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