Burger King Just Launched 2 New Ice Cream

Many American fast-food establishments only offer delectable new menu items in Canada, leaving Americans with FOMO. McDonald's Chicken Big Mac and Chipotle BBQ Quarter Pounder are both Canadian products that have yet to be offered in the United States.

The Egg BLT breakfast sandwich was Wendy's most recent Canada-exclusive. Customers in the United States have been missing poutine, the Mushroom and Swiss Whopper, and two new ice cream treats that debuted this week.

Burger King Canada released its Oreo and Smarties BK Blasts on Twitter yesterday, giving Canadians two additional chilled dessert options for the summer.

The vanilla ice cream and sugary toppings are similar to those found in a McDonald's McFlurry or a Dairy Queen Blizzard.

Unlike American Smarties, which are cylindrical stacks of crunchy fruit-flavored candies, the Nestlé-brand Smarties in the Burger King dessert are candy-coated chocolate pieces.

The Oreo and Smarties BK Blast flavors were available for $2.99 at one Toronto Burger King, but prices may vary. Burger King Canada stated the treats will be available "summer and beyond" at participating locations.

Americans may enjoy two limited-time cinema-themed Burger King items, but BK Blasts are currently unavailable. To celebrate the June 2 release of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Burger King is advertising a "Spider-Verse" Whopper and Sundae.

The Whopper has a red bread with black sesame seeds that matches the motif, flame-grilled beef patties, melting Swiss cheese, and Whopper toppings. The sundae is topped with Burger King's vanilla soft-serve ice cream with black and red chocolate exploding candies.

Burger King launched these items on May 15 at selected stores countrywide and will offer them through June 21, so customers must act quickly if they want to try them.

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