Boneless Pork Products Are Urgently Getting Recalled

Summer is grilling season, but you can't offer Marketside ready-to-heat BBQ pork burnt ends (one of America's regional barbecue specialities) to guests at your next gathering.

This, as well as two other boneless pork items, are being recalled. The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is recalling about 41,000 pounds of boneless pork products from the Canadian company Eastern Meat Solutions, Inc.

because they were not re-inspected. After the raw beef arrived in the United States, another company produced three heat-and-eat meals that were distributed statewide.

"EST. 4800" should appear in the USDA inspection mark on the items in question. Park Street Deli Hawaiian-style and sweet chipotle boneless pork ribs with sauce, lot numbers 3115, 3123, and 3114, and Marketside's ready-to-heat BBQ pork burnt ends, lot numbers 3116, 3117, and 3122, are among them.

If you purchased a recalled pork product and did not become ill, you are probably safe. The FSIS states that the commodities have caused no illnesses.

If you still have them in your refrigerator or freezer, the FSIS considers this a Class 1 high-alert recall, so don't eat them. Customers who still have the products should dispose of them or return them for a refund.

Imported beef that has not been thoroughly examined is not worth the risk. There were many large beef recalls last year.

Over 44 tons of ready-to-eat meats were recalled in September 2022 for possible Listeria contamination, while a major Class 1 recall was issued before the new year for 234,000 ham and pepperoni products suspected of harboring Listeria.

What should a stressed-out consumer do? Consumers should check the FSIS recall list for food recalls.

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