Big Mac Sauce Is Finally On The McDonald's Menu

Most fast-food places work hard to keep their "secret sauce" recipes a secret to keep customers interested.

Since 1968, people have talked about the sauce on McDonald's Big Macs.

In 2017, people sold 10,000 bottles of Big Mac sauce for $100 each. Some sold it for $10,000–$100,000. McDonald's will soon sell its sauce in cups for dipping, which gives fans hope.

We know that Big Mac sauce has sweet relish, distilled vinegar, soybean oil, egg whites, and spices in it.

People still like McDonald's famous sauce, and these new facts don't change that.

McDonald's said in a news release on April 19 that Big Mac sauce fans could get special sauce on demand. On April 27, sauce dip cups for Big Macs will be sold at some U.S. McDonald's.

Chicken McNuggets come with free dip cups, but fries, Big Macs, and Filet-O-Fish meals may come with special sauce.

Dip cups are only offered to people who use the McDonald's app.

McDonald's only sells a limited number of sauce dip cups for Big Macs, which makes fans happy. The reaction on social media to McDonald's news shows that there's nothing like the real thing.

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