10 Most LGBTQ-Friendly Countries In The World

Portugal is one of the most LGBTQI+-friendly countries for couples. The 1974 Carnation Revolution inspired the LGBT movement. In 1982, homophobia was decriminalized.


This north-European nation is gay-friendly because to its progressive views and LGBTQI+ protections. Finland accepted homosexuality in 1971 and deregistered it as an illness 10 years later.


Spain is known for its LGBT-friendly legislation and regulations, as well as its rich culture and history.


Norway, like other Nordic countries, is one of the safest LGBTQ countries. Norway passed LGBTQ anti-discrimination laws in 1981.


Iceland prides itself on its liberal LGBT rights. The country has showed the world what it means to legally and comprehensively recognize LGBTQ citizens by legalizing gay marriage.


ILGA-Europe recently ranked Belgium second in the EU for LGBT rights protection, after Malta. Belgian LGBTQ anti-discrimination laws make it one of the most LGBTQ-friendly countries in 2023.


Denmark was the first country to allow gay couples to marry through registered partnerships in 1989, making it a progressive and LGBTQ-friendly nation.


LGBTQ rights are most advanced in Canada. 1969 legalized same-sex sexuality. Canada approved same-sex marriage in 2005. The Gay Travel Index (2018) named the country the most gay-friendly in the world.


Netherlands legalized same-sex marriage first in 2001. In 2023, the Netherlands became one of the gayest nations with over 90% of its people embracing same-sex marriage.

The Netherlands

Malta has led the way in creating a fair, safe, and secure LGBTQ society, from becoming the first EU country to ban conversion therapy and guarantee LGBTQI+ persons equal rights and freedom to maintaining a safe environment for the LGBTQ community.


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