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We try our best to provide the best Mexican food recipes and food tips on this website, but still, there can be some mistakes or errors on this website. So in case you find any error or have an issue with any content, you can contact us at the email given below


Your suggestion, advice, feedback, or questions are also welcomed, and we look forward to enhancing and bettering the user experience on our website.

Le Merita is a food restaurant business that has been serving authentic Mexican food with love. With a greater view, we built this website to provide our users with the recipes of Mexican food that are served in our restaurant so that users can taste Mexican food from the comfort of their homes.

We provide recipes for all Mexican food, including Tacos, Burritos, Alambres, Tortas, Cemitas, Tamales, Chicken, Beef, and Pork recipes.

Our expert chefs try and test the recipes and then post them for the users to make the Mexican food the same as our own restaurant.

We try to put the best content possible, but in case you found any issue with the content or have any suggestions or feedbac to make, please contact us at the email below


Thank you for visiting our website.

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