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About Us

Welcome to our website Le Mesita Restaurant. The website aims solely to provide the best and most authentic Mexican food recipes that are served at our physical restaurant location.

We have been serving the most authentic and great Mexican food that our chefs have been experts in for years. And with our roots in Mexico, we are surely the best in Mexican food preparation.

So with a view to providing our customers and users across the globe with the same Mexican food taste, we built this website to post all the Mexican food recipes available at our outlet.

Our Chefs and food experts first try and make the recipes at our own restaurant; then, we curate the recipe as per the scientific measurement so that users can have the same taste of Mexican food we provide at our location.

You will get tons of Mexican food recipes on this website, and we are sure that once you make one, you will have the best food dish prepared in the comfort of your home.

On this website, we provide recipes for burritos, tacos, salads, chicken, seafood, Alambres, tortas, Cemitas, and Tamales. So you have a whole lot of choices of Mexican food recipes.

If you have any issues, queries, suggestions, or feedback, you can contact us at the email provided in the contact us section.

Thank you for visiting our website.